“Kalki presents My Indian Life”

Jenpu Rongmei, Chief Functionary YOUTH was invited by BBC World service radio for an interview in Mumbai. We the CAN YOUTH are delighted to know that Jenpu Rongmei is the first Naga fellow who has forged a historic record in such an auspicious moment.
My Indian Life is a podcast that delves into what it means to be young and Indian in the 21st century! Each episode pivots chiefly on the life of a young Indian, primarily for young Indians, hosted by an Indian actress Kalki Koechlin.
We would like to congratulate jenpu rongmei for contributing tremendous opportunities for the young generations as well as for being an inspiration. Your sacrifice and subsidy for the Indian youths will always be notably commemorated. We also thank Actress Kalki Koechlin for acknowledging and supporting his great works.
This is a tribute allot to our Naga brother Jenpu Rongmei for your massive deeds and contributions. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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