installation of mini dustbin in auto rickshaws

  Sensitisation Awareness Program on Litter Free Zone and Launching of Mini Dustbin with Dimapur Auto Rickshaw Drivers


Initiative of CAN YOUTH in collaboration with Better Dimapur and Dimapur District Auto Rickshaw Drivers’ Union (DDADU) powered by Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC)

Venue: Conference Hall Tourist Lodge Dimapur

Date: 22 May, 2019

Attendees Profile: Ganesh Sharma (Office superintendent, DMC), VitosheSema president, DDADU, Along Aier ( Better Dimapur) Jenpu Rongmei CAN YOUTH Chief Functionary and his team officials, representative auto drivers and media journalists.



Brief Description of the Program

FaihamtiLongmailai, Project officer of CAN YOUTH chaired the Program with a welcome address this was followed by sensitisation awareness speech by Ganesh Sharma (Office Superintendent, DMC) He acknowledged CAN YOUTH  by thanking the Organisation for coming up with such good initiative in an effort to curb litter waste around Dimapur area. He had given light on the cause-effects of litters by citing an example of how litters from Auto-Rickshaw are taken into drainage by wind which later led to drainage blockage and create unhygienic environment and sometimes flood. He expressed his sincere liking on the idea of mini dustbin and said this implementation will go far in bringing about positive changes.

VitosheSema president DDADU exhorted the gathering regarding the importance of cleanliness. He encouraged Auto-Rickshaw Drivers about an important role they could play as an agent in this clean drive process. Further he laid stress on how drivers are to make their passengers aware for proper utilisation of dustbin to keep the city clean.

Along Aier from Better Dimapur was humbled to be part of Program and express his optimism about the positive changes the Program will bring about.

He quoted from a song

“Everybody said that anybody could do

The important things somebody should do

Everybody knows that anybody could do

All the good things that nobody did” and said we all know what to do but still don’t do it. “We are wondered by the beauty of places in other states but coming back to Nagaland people don’t use civic sense and there’s less effort despite the desire for a change”. He stressed on the importance of being practical learner as well as doers. Furthermore he mentioned that we are people who don’t want change in ourselves as well as in others by citing an example of how people pass critical comments to someone driving with seatbelt and added we all should be an agent of change we want to see.

This was followed by brief presentation on installation of mini waste bins in auto rickshaws by Kivitoli K sema, secretary of CAN YOUTH

Jenpu Rongmei CAN YOUTH Chief Functionary gave a closing remark of how the city we claimed to be most developed and popular in Nagaland is under the threat of man-made environmental disaster and said this perceived threat ahead can be prevented though collective effort with a small start from Auto-Rickshaw Drivers in order to create a congenial environment for the growing generations and a safer place to live in.

He also thanked the collaboration team viz., BETTER DIMAPUR, Dimapur District Auto-rickshaw Drivers’ Union (DDADU) and Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) and gave a closing remark by saying “History is a witness that behind every success story is a work that’s done in collaboration”

This was followed by Launching of Mini Dustbin Installation and end of the Program.


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