The samvidhan campaign

The closing event of the campaign Samvidhan LIVE!

The Jagrik Project, organized by CAN YOUTH was concluded on 22nd of February, 2019 at tourist lodge, conference hall Dimapur, Nagaland.

The program was graced by Mr. C. Talimoa Chishi, President, Nagaland Law Student Federation he threw light on several articles of the constitution.

He mentioned about how  domestic violence against women is the most unseen crime he shared  the basic rights of the people stating  that no person has the right to deny the other’s rights. He also urged the Jagriks and the people present to show respect and perform the rightful duties towards the state.

The event was witnessed by 14 Jagrik from different schools, people from different organization, student unions and the media. A welcome address was delivered by Jenpu Romgmei, Chief Functionary, CAN YOUTH.

Two Jagrik shared about their experiences encountered during the performance of the task which help them to realise the importance of fundamental rights and duties in their life.

Sarwana Achirya is chosen to represent Nagaland for the National celebration event of Samuidhan LIVE!. Be a Jagrik on 25th and 26th of february, 2019 in Delhi.

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