Youth Support Group

  Youth Support Group (YSG) – The small young idea of Youth Support Group (YSG) has been nurtured in the cradle of CAN Youth since 2015. YSG is inclusive of school and college dropout youths and underprivileged youths between the age group of 18-35 years. The philosophy behind forming YSG is to create and connect people, bridging individual to social life especially for the group of youths mentioned above. It is a space-creating-within for self realization to find and refine skills and hidden talents through various soft skills, vocational trainings, development programs and finally engage in Livelihood activity for sustainability which offered by CAN Youth in collaboration with Different Like Minded NGOs/Agencies in which process they realize and gain life to its fullness.  It is a platform ideologically created by CAN Youth, instrumentally creating the very space by the young resourceful to generate income and develop social relationship to have better living. Presently CAN Youth has four YSG in 4 Villages, our target is to reach 20 YSG by 2018.