My Scholarship Foundation

My Scholarship Foundation



Education plays a significant role to design one’s future and a key to success. Every child deserves a better and quality education to build their own foundation and to prepare for their career. Due to reasons like financial crises, some of the children are unable to get proper education and drop-out from the school. Nagaland state is considered to be one of the highest school drop-out states in India which overall gives an unorganized outlook to the future of Nagaland.


According to the survey conducted by the WORLD BANK, it was found that Nagaland has the highest rate of school drop outs In India. The dropout rate in primary school (grade I-V) stood at 19.4 percent, four times the national average of 4.3 percent. The scenario is no better in the upper primary (VI-VII) and the secondary (IX-X) levels of the state too, it stood at 17.7per cent and 35.1 per cent respectively (the North East today, n.d.).


In order to support the drop-out children CAN YOUTH initiated a project called My Scholarship Foundation. CAN YOUTH a non-profit organisation based in Dimapur was established with the sole aim to support the inopportune dropout youth ‘to help them to help themselves’. The organization works on empowering dropout youth through different skill development trainings and capacity building programs. The organisation has its intervening area in schools, colleges and in rural and semi urban area of Dimapur; Nagaland. We create an opportunity by empowering the youth especially the dropout youth and underprivileged youth because they are the ones who are neglected, demotivated, demoralized and most susceptible to anti- social activities. As a youth led organistaion we strive to work by imparting skill training, life skill education, livelihood program and a platform for budding entrepreneurs


The project has been implemented with a motive to support and empower students facing acute financial crises. This project also aims to enroll those drop-outs back to school. It is a community based project funded by free will donors. For each individual, contributing into the box of My Scholarship Foundation would make one time award /benefit to one or more students in the field of education or could also offer them support for multiple years as well. Having contributed, the contributor becomes the ambassador of My Scholarship Foundation



  • To prevent drop-out and ensure quality education to the children
  • Retain drop-out children to schooling by financially supporting them
  • Increase community responsibility on child’s education



  • The scholarship is only for the under-privileged students and for the drop-out who are willing to continue his/her studies.
  • The student must be permanent resident of Nagaland state.
  • The student must fall under BPL criteria.
  • The student is accessible from class 3-10.
  • The student must be sincere and dedicated towards his/her education.
  • There will be thorough research on the student’s family background.



  • To prevent drop-out.
  • Student able to get quality education.
  • Increase community responsibility and participation on education.



  • This project has managed to support 29 students till date.
  • It has 26 ambassadors till date.




Ms. X, a 9 year old girl from Duncan Basti, Dimapur is supported by CAN YOUTH under the project My Scholarship Foundation. Ms. X is in 3rd standard pursuing her studies at Don Bosco Hr. Sec. School, Dimapur along with her younger sister who is in 1st standard. The respondent (mother) has a small pan shop and earns an approximate amount of around 300-500 rupees in a day who also happens to be the lone earner in their family. The respondent’s husband is an unemployed alcoholic, the only day he goes to work is whenever he gets a chance for daily wage. It has been found out that the family was struggling to carry out the expenses of their children education due to low income. Both the respondent and the husband are supportive towards their child education and letting them to study in a reputed school for a quality and smart education, but due to financial problem they even borrow money from others to pay their school fees. Through My Scholarship Foundation Ms X is being supported by a couple Mr. Vinayak and Mrs. Pallavi from Doha, Qatar, for the academic year 2019.




A 10 year old boy (Mr. Y) from Bethesda Colony, Burma Camp, Dimapur.  As per the case study it has been found out the family is struggling to provide proper financial support for Mr. Y’s education, his father was working as a pastor and earns around 4000 rupees per month and her mother is a housewife surviving with 6 children. To support their family her two sons work as a daily wage earner which is not suffice to support Mr. Y’s education expenses. Earlier this year i.e. 2019, Mr. Y got delayed to enroll in 4th standard at Bethesda Hr. Sec. School, Burma Camp as the family was penniless at that point of time. Currently through My Scholarship Foundation, Mr. Y is able to continue his studies with a hand hold support from the team.