About us

  • CAN Youth believes to bring equality opportunity and responsibility

Can Youth

Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

(Regd. No. Home/SRC-6244/2012)

Motto : “Lets Give Hope”

Equality, Opportunity & Responsibility

Can Youth creates an opportunity for Marginalized sector and empowers Youth, especially Drop Outs. It aims at providing a common platform for drop-outs and focuses on their abilities and interest to equip them with skills in various trades that would help them earn a livelihood.


At Can Youth we recognize the importance of engaging with young people for the region’s development, for they are the future of the region. We appreciate that factors contributing to this are - education and knowledge building, innovative skills, positive energy, good health and creativity. We wish to facilitate social transformation in NE India by channelizing the youth and promoting leadership and new voices committed to peace, social justice and equality.


We strive to work for empowering our youth, especially the school/college drop-outs and underprivileged youth because they are the ones who are neglected, de-motivated, demoralized and most susceptible to anti-social activities. By inspiring them, together we can work towards reversing and eliminating the trend of vulnerable youths turning into anti-social; by giving them the opportunity we can help build up a healthier, happier and a more progressive society. Working with the educated youth has been, and is, a part of our crux purpose as well, with these youth we engaged them in various awareness, advocacy and other mega social events so that they get moulded and develop personally and professionally as a sociable youth and also at the same time get to know more on the social needs, demand and challenges.


Since its formation in 2010, the organization has implemented and is implementing projects that strengthen and promote youth leadership, facilitate community based interventions to protect and promote the rights of marginalized communities through meaningful and active participation from Youth, Adolescents & Children.