Can Youth is a non profit organization based in Dimapur Nagaland, founded in the year 2010.

Can Youth works to create a space for the misfortune people, to reduce drop out form schools/colleges and also to empower the drop out youths and women through various activities, guidelines and networking

Can Youth is constantly working, applying new ideas and finding an effective and  creative ways on our projects to help extent our reach to the society.


Brief History

Jenpu Rongmei founder and Chief Functionary of Can Youth began his journey after he lost his younger brother David Rongmei a victim of drug abuse, the trauma of his brother’s death coupled with his alcoholic father and financial crisis lead him to quit his school and started his own NGO non profit organization to help the mishap who were facing the same fate, he started his organization in the name young’s club Dimapur which after a year became a full-fledged organization (Can Youth) with the help and support of young people.