Relief Aid for Flood Victims

Community Avenue Network (CAN Youth) in collaboration with Prodigals Home organized a two days programme on ‘Relief Aid for Flood Victims’ along with the interns of North East Institute of Social Science and Research (NEISSR) and St. Joseph University (SJU), funded by the Humanitarian Aid International. The programme was conducted at Chungaizeang colony on 21st September, 2018 and at Namgalong Colony on 22nd September, 2018 under Burma Camp.

(Relieve Aid for Flood Victims on 21th sept 2018)

CAN Youth staff along with the interns of NEISSR & St. Joseph University went for “Relief Aid for Flood Victims” in Chungaizeang Colony on 21st September.
The programme was leaded by the secretary, Mr. Zhove Lohe where he spoke about the main purpose of gathering.
The main objective was for the “ Relief Aid for Flood Victimes”.
Thereafter, Chungthai ( Youth President) of Chugaizeang Colony said
that“Flood often occurs due to the heavy rain and lack of proper drainage”.
The materials provided to the flood victims were:
1) Rice – 10 Kg
2) Dal – 1 ½ Kg
3) Bucket – 1 Pc
4) Salt – 1 Kg
5) Note Book – 1 Pc












(Relieve Aid for Flood Victims on 22nd sept 2018)

CAN Youth in collaboration with prodigals home conducted a “Relieve Aid for Flood Victims” on 22nd September 2018 at Namgalong colony: Burma Camp.
Mr. Sentiwati mentioned that the main purpose for today’s programme was to help the flood affected victims of Namgalong Colony. He also stated that the flood occurs due to improper maintenance of our environment .
Thereafter, Mrs. Againa (Women President) lead a prayer. She also gave a vote of thanks for the presence of CAN Youth organization.
Materials provided:
1) Rice – 8 Kg
2) Dal – 1.5 Kg
3) Salt – 1 Pc
4) Bucket – 1 pc


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