Paper Bags training to avoid plastic pollution (CAN Youth)

Plastic pollution had destroyed the entire environment. In order to protect and preserve this, the society to take ownership of the fundamental duties and responsibilities to promote paper bags which are eco-friendly and will supplement their livelihood for a better environment and society.
A two-day training program on paper bags was conducted with Informal Education for Marginalized Children (IEMC) and community Educational Centre School (CECS) at CEC Kuda village, Nagarjan on September 6 and 7, and a one day training was conducted at Rotary Club Dimapur, organized by Dimapur Municipal Council in collaboration with CAN Youth, Community Education Centre & Rotary Club Dimapur on September 8. The master trainer were Marina and Alice, assisted by Ekhumnaro.

A total of 80 participated on the training program.

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