Youth Volunteerism

Youth Volunteerism is one of the key focus of Community Avenue Network (CAN) Youth, to work and engage with young people from different walks of life to involve in community service and build their personal growth through abstaining from anti social activities and making them active and productive citizens of this nation CAN Youth has now large number of volunteers from different colleges which we call them Young Agents.

Youth volunteer is nothing but purely a rule by the will of an individual for a social service and its is very important in building a good society for a peaceful co existence youth involvement in social service is advisable and best can be done by the youth, a society can be termed as a good society when there is maximum participation of youth in social service.

Youth is dynamic stage where one can excel in anything he/she does. CAN Youth are of the view that it is a prime stage where youth are trained to be a responsible and sociable individual in society. Concerned youth of this stage are given a platform to explore the society with a positive aspect to feel the needs by exploring the needs.

It is a form of volunteers where a youth come forth to contribute the service for community development. Those youth are the agent that works with a hope for better social change. The youth volunteers have no expectation of reward in return, the youth volunteer themselves for certain duration as a form of probation to mould themselves how to be social individual in one’s life.

Within the duration of service youth are motivated to take up the social responsibility as one’s own and through that society grows and progress. CAN Youth shape the agents to take the social responsibility as ones responsibility rather than expecting some NGOs or individuals?